Beginning of the Year Information:


Google Doodle - Pacman

Motion Geometry - Dinosaurs

Khan Academy Transformations

Math Shorts - Rotations

Math is Fun - Rotations


Transformation Song #1

Transformation Song #2

M.C. Escher

The Building Blocks of Geometry:

Math Antics - Points, Lines, and Planes

Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs

Complementary Angles Exploration

Supplementary Angles Exploration

Parallel Lines and Transversals

Youtube: Constructing a Perpendicular Bisector/Midpoint

Youtube: Constructing an Angle Bisector

Distance in Coordinate Plane

Midpoint in Coordinate Plane

Deductive Reasoning:

The World's 23 Best Commercials (Adweek)

Superbowl 49 Commercials

Triangles Center:

Triangle Center Exploration

Triangle Inequalities:

Khan Academy Triangle Inequality

Parallel Lines:

Youtube: Constructing a Parallel Line through a Point

Youtube: Constructing a Perpendicular at a Point on a Line

Youtube: Constructing a Perpendicular from a Point to a Line

Geogebra - Equilateral

Geogebra - Midsegments

Geogebra - Midsegments (Rotational Proof)

Exterior Angles of Polygons

Quadrilateral Help:

BBC Review

Can I fill this worksheet out?

The Essentials...

An interactive version...

Sorting Quiz

Sorting Game

Khan Academy Videos

Triangle Similarity:

Khan Academy - Triangle Similiarity

Triangle Similarity Help

Indirect Measurement - Video #1

Side Splitter Video #1

Side Splitter Video #2

Angle Bisector Proportionality
Angle - Angle -Geogebra

Side Angle Side Similarity - Geogebra

Side Side Side Similarity - Geogebra

Golden Ratio

3 Dimensional Work:

Nets: Video #1 - Vocabulary

Nets: Video #2: How do we make nets?

Nets: Video #3: How do we use them?

Intro to Euler, Surface Area, and Volume

Tray Project:

Interview with Staff Workier

Healthy Plate Guidelines