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Against All Odds: Video Series

Stat Trek Review

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College Rankings - US News

Mean/Median for Dummies

Mean/Median Visual

Terrible Infographics

Great Infographics

Univariate Statistics on TI-84

Histograms on TI-84

Histogram Shapes (missing left skewed)

Chapter 2:

Link to Learner.org Video #4

Amazon Top 20 Book Prices

Fandango's Movie Ratings

Chapter 3:

Correlation and Regression Applet

Regressions on TI-84

Stat Trek - Outliers and and Influential Points

Chapter 4:

NY Times - Heart Attack Study

Sampling: Simple Random, Convenience, systematic, cluster, stratified - Statistics Help

Experimental Design Reading

Stat Trek - What is an Experiment?

Placebo: Cracking the Code

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Roulette - Please hit mute!
Itunes: Just how random is random?

Probability Applet

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Sampling Distribution Video

Rice University Applets

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Against All Odds - Confidence Intervals

Statistics Learning Center - Understanding Confidence Intervals

Statistics Learning Center - Calculating Confidence Intervals

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Learner.org Videos - Watch Videos #25, #26, #28

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Wolfram Alpha Facebook

Benford's Law:

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

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Stat Trek

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