Course Introduction:

A New Kind of E-Commerce Adds a Personal Touch

Strata 2013:

Big Data's Impact in the World

Topic 1: Summary Statistics

Fuel Efficiency Google Doc

Topic 2: Visual Representations of Data

USA Today Snapshots

Driving While Black

Boxplots Video

Scatterplot Video

The Vietnam Draft Lottery Video

Topic 3: Regression

Influential Points and Outliers

Linear Transformations Video Help

The Danger of Correlation and Causation (TED Talks)

Correlation Causation - Freakonomics

Topic 4: The Normal Distribution - Normal Calculations - Checking Assumptions of Normalcy

Dice Worksheet

Empirical Rule - Youtube Clip

College Placement Exams:

Exam Link

Topic 5: The Binomial Distribution

Topic 6: Randomness

Topic 7: Experimental Design

Topic 8: Inference Confidence Intervals