Google Classroom Codes:
Pd 1: r07dji4

Pd 7: oi6cr7v

U.S. Population Visualization Link

Usain Bolt - Infographics

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data

Insightful Human Portraits made from Data - TED Talks

Tim Berners-Lee - The Next Web TED Talks

Tim Berners-Lee - The Year Open Data went World Wide Election Predictions

Kanye's Connections

A New Kind of E-Commerce

Strata 2013

Big Data's Impact in the World

Chapter 1:

Types of Data: Video #1 - What is Statistics? Video #16 Census and Sampling

Who is Pardis Sabeti? Video #17 - Samples and Surveys Video #14 - The Question of Causation Video #15 Designing Experiments

Sampling Technique Video

Experimental Design Reading

Why States Should Aim for 100% Vaccination

Ferguson is a Serious Outlier

Chris Jordan- Art and Statistics - Ted Talks

Nate Silver - Daily Show

Nate Silver's 2012 Predictions

2012 Results

The White House is not a Metronome - by Nate Silver

More Omega 3

The Politics of Eating Out

Youtube Levels of Measurement

Unmarried Households
Smells and Sleep
Paralympic Cheating
Birthday Problem Google Doc Spreadsheet
Slate's Article on Twins

Chapter 2:

American Income - A Series of Charts

2015 - The Year in Charts

Analysis of Stem and Leaf Plots -'s Histogram Video

Common Histogram Shapes

Histogram - Mean and Median

Bar/Pie Graph Reading #1

Pie Chart - Wikipedia

Bar Chart - Wikipedia

Driving While Black...

Excel - Pie Graph

Excel - Bar Graph

Bolt Comparisons NYTimes

Terrible Infographics

Great Infographics

Slate - Just How Long Can People Live?

Youtube - Time Series Help:

Part 1
Part 2

Khan Academy Stem and Leaf

Google Doc - Height

Consumer Electronics for Practice Test

Chapter 3:

Online Timer

Link to Videos #4, 5, and #6

How to Tell Someone's Age...

Amazon's Top 20 Books

Democracy or Gerontocracy

U.S. News - Where do the rankings come from?

"Three in Four Americans..."


1970 Draft Lottery on Wikipedia

Selective Service - history of Vietnam Draft Lottery

1970 Draft Lottery (Youtube)

Chapter 4:

Want to Ace That Test? - Scatterplot - Fitting Lines to Data - Correlation

Outliers and Influential Points

R Squared Video

Spurious Correlations

Correlation vs Causation - Freakonomics

Correlation vs Causation - TED Talk

SAT Essay Writing Scoring Guide

Word Count vs Writing (SAT) - NPR Link

Word Count vs. Writing (SAT) - NY Times

Vinyl Sales

Chapter 4 - I need help links:

Correlation - R Value

The Regression Line and R^2

Using the Regression Line and R^2

Understanding Residuals

Understanding Outliers and Influential Points

Poverty and Obesity Project:

Link #1

Link 2:

Link #3 -

Link #4 - Washington Post

Chapter 5: Video #18 Video #19

Khan Academy - Or Events (Watch all 3 videos)

Roulette Link

7 Straight 19s?

Midterm Preparations:

Combinations/Permuations Link #1

Combinations/Permutations Link #2:

Rules of Probability - Watch Video

Lebron James Explains Independent Events

Lebron James Explains Probability #2

Dependent Events

Chapter 6:

Lottery Links:
Patriots and Coin Flip
What does the lottery drawing look like? (Video)
538 - An Introduction
NPR - Other Relevant Numbers
538 - Changing the Odds
The Tax Man Video #20 Video #21

Social Network Information


Binomial Probability Part 1
Binomial Probability Part 2
How do Iowa Caucuses work?
Current Polls

Chapter 7:

New York Marathon


Facebook - Degrees of Seperation

Google Doc - for Time Collection

Online Stop Watch Normal Curve Video Video #2

Area under a Normal Curve Video #1

Area Under a Normal Curve Video #2

Empirical Rule in 5 Minutes

Eating at Chipotle
Binomial Video

Histogram Help #1:

Histogram Help #2 Video #21 - Sampling Distributions

Sampling Distribution Data Collection Google Doc

Chapter 8:

Polling Article #1

Polling Article #2

Franklin and Marshall - April 2016 Poll of PA

Confidence Interval Video

Polling Methodology

Confidence Interval for p - youtube clip

Quinnipiac University - Iowa Poll

Chapter 9:

Type 1 vs Type 2 Errors

Against All Odds - Video #25

Against All Odds - Video #28

Against All Odds - Significance Test Video #1

Against All Odds - Significance Test Video #2

Chapter 10:

Against All Odds - Video 27
P Values
One-Tail vs Two-Tail

Chapter 11:

Hypothesis Test for Difference of Means

Final Preparations: